Bad Religion
Beyond Electric Dreams
The Empire Strikes First (2004)

C5  F5 D5 A5  x 3  (2: G♯5, 3: !)

C5                                F5           D5         A5    G♯5
No one here can show you where it is but I can point to a sign
On the roof of the world without apparent design
The frozen definition of a lunatic ambition to rise
*The air is thin, the future dim, dimension hard to find*

  Up on a mountain
  F5               b
  Encased in solar rays
  Beyond electric dreams
  G5                      G♯5
  Of inarticulate passion plays

  Coming down a mountain
  Eons have a human ring
  The conversation of impassive planets
  Intercepted by a human being

C5  F5 D5 A5  fin: drum

Ratiocination is a practicable way to derive
An attitude of altitude and probity by which to abide
Or maybe a theophany of flaming creosote in disguise
*The air is thin, the future dim, dimension undefined*


c  d e f e    c  d e f e
f        c    f          ...

  c g    c g   c g   c g
c     a♭     a     a     x 8  <

  A5  F5  C5  G5  G♯5 x 2

  *Let's go where the raptor goes
  To the mountain in a cosmic glow
  We'll have a genuine terrestrial show
  On a mountain, on a mountain
                                                 x 2.5  (! sur G5)
  Let's scan the horizon clean
  For any trace of human schemes
  And try to touch upon immortal themes
  On a mountain, on a mountain*