Bad Religion
Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever
The Empire Strikes First (2004)


Dm  B♭  Dm  B♭  Dm  Gm  F  A !  clean  x 2  w/ ti-solo

Dm                    B♭
Drop dead, it doesn't matter, she said
Dm                   B♭
It only hurts when I laugh, she said
Dm             Gm
Sometimes it's never a crime
   F                A   !
To spend the day in bed

She made certain that the curtains were red
To drape better by the light they would shed
She leaned back, tilted her head
And this is what she said

            D  F♯  B  A        G     A
  You can't win       think it over again
  I can't win         look at the trouble I'm in
  We can't win        and we're stuck here together
          D    G       F C !  A
  Yeah, I hope it will last forever

Dm  B♭  Dm  B♭  Dm  Gm  F  A !  w/ ti-solo

Don't ever dare to hope, he said
So I'm never let down too bad
*I know there's nowhere to go
So I'll just stay here, instead*

He knew better than to pull at a thread
They unravel like the thoughts in his head
He looked out, it filled him with dread
And this is what he said

  Refrain  fin: drum

Dm  B♭  Dm  B♭  Dm  Gm  F  A !  x 2  w/ (ti-)solo

With good books and looks on their side
And hearts bursting with national pride
They sang songs that went along for the ride
And the other side complied - they said

"Hey, man, where do you reside?
"And could it be mother's superior lied?
"And is it possible too many have died?"
It's only natural to reply                            xx