Bad Religion
Delirium Of Disorder
Suffer (1988)

*Delirium of disorder, delirium of disorder*

- Hey  x

  { {G5 A5  G5 A5 Bb5} x 3  G5 F5 E5 }  x 2

Life is a sieve through which my anarchy strains
Fmaj7                 Am
Resolving itself into words

Chaos is the score upon which reality is written
The timeless, whirling, gyroscopic horde - sing now

{G5 A5  G5 A5 Bb5} x 2

  (Delirium - of disorder)

A5A5 G5 x 8  Yeah
I am just an atom in an ectoplasmic sea
Without direction or a reason to exist

The anechoic nebula rotating in my brain
Is persuading me contritely to persist - watcho

{G5 A5  G5 A5 Bb5} x 2

  (Delirium of disorder, delirium of disorder)  x 4

A5A5 G5 A5!