Bad Religion
How Much Is Enough?
Suffer (1988)


Em  G D  x 2  Em  C  G  D

Em               G       D        Em      G D
Tell me, can the hateful chain be broken?
   Em             C          G               D
Production and consumption define our hollow lives
Em          G      D          Em    G D
Avarice has led us 'cross the ocean
  Em                 G                 D             A
Toward a land that's better, much more bountiful and wide

Em  Em  \\\

     F#                                G
  So when will mankind finally come to realize
      D                        A
  His surfeit has become his demise?
  F#                    G
  How much is enough to kill yourself?
       D                   F#
  That quantity is known today...

                      Bm  D A  x 2  Bm  G  D  A
As we blow ourselves away

Tell me, is there anything so sure?                             (en Bm)
Rapacity, tenacity, capacity for more
Like a dog that feeds until he suffers
The infirmity of man is brought on by his selfish cure

Bm  Bm  \\\
  Refrain  (en C#)

As we blow ourselves away

F#m  A E  x 3  F#m\