Bad Religion
Los Angeles Is Burning
The Empire Strikes First (2004)

(fill drum)

CCCCCCF  x 8  w/ c

C                                   F            C
Somewhere high in the desert near a curtain of a blue
Am          C\              G
Saint Ann's skirts are billowing
    C                        F   C
But down here in the city of limelights
    Am                    G
The fans of Santa Ana are withering

And you can't deny the living is easy
If you never look behind the scenery
It's - showtime for dry climes
And bedlam is dreaming of rain                   fin : CCCCCCCF  x 2

           Am           G           F   C    c b
  When the hills of Los Angeles are burning
  Palm trees are candles in the murder wind
          Am               E                Am               F
  So many lives are on the breeze, even the stars are ill at ease
          Am         G  {CCCCCCCF  x 4}
  And Los Angeles is burning

This is not a test
Of the emergency broadcast system
Where Malibu fires and radio towers
Conspire to dance again

And I cannot believe the media Mecca
They're only trying to peddle reality
Catch it on - prime time, story at nine
The whole world is going insane


          F     Fm             Em    C
A placard reads    "The end of days"
    F                G              Am
Jacaranda boughs are bending in the haze

       F               G
More a question than a curse
          C       G/B Am
How could hell be any worse?
The flames are starting
             G                 (C)
The camera's running - so take warning

C  F C  F C G  x 3  {CCCCCCCF  x 4}  w/ solo


fin: {CCCCCCCF  x 3}  C