Bad Religion
Sensory Overload
Bad Religion (1981)

a  e  b  x 4  (3e w/ punchs A5)

A  E  B  x 3  A  A  A  A  F# D# B...  x x x x

B            A           F#
  This isn't art this is suicide
In a social way
I don't have the need and I don't have the time
              a  e  b
I'll tell you why

            A      E       B
  Because I think about it all the time
  I think about what's true and what's lies
  I used to think things in my head were true
  Sensory feedback from things like you (bis)

    E            F#            D#
    I don't know why this must be
        E                   D#
    The guitar's misleading me
    D#           E
    I don't know why
               F#!      xxxx
    I've got a social suicide

From a sensory overload
It's a hell of a time
Got a sensory overload
That tricky little mind
Your little mind

a  e  b  x 2  Yo

A  E  B  x 4

  I think about the quivering flesh
  I think about the urban mess
  It makes my mind begin to reel
  I don't understand all the things I feel
  I don't want to hide from the things I hear


Répéter dernier couplet

(reste F#)