Bad Religion
The Same Person
No Substance (1998)

A5 E5  D5 B5  A5 G5  D5  A5  x 2

B5 F#5  D5 B5  A5 G5  D5  E5

E5           B5                             (P.M.)
You want prosperity
G5                D5      A5
For yourself, but not for me
F#5         B5
Somehow you just can't see
G5               D5     E5
We're in this collectively

You think that freedom is
A drastic severance
From your past relations
Just a quest for new bargains

            !   B5      A5
  We're not the    same person
  We're not the    same person
                    G5    D5 A5
  (Don't even wanna know)
     B5    d e d c#

A5 E5  D5 B5  A5 G5  w/ tierces  D5  A5

Don't need no good advice
Nor shoddy merchandise
I'm the suspect device
Beaten down, unable to strike


G5  D/F#  B5    w/ mélodie

G5                D/F#     B5
And the sun comes over us again - we lament, we pine, and we rescind
And we ask for understanding - but aren't we the stingy ones indeed
G5               D/F#           A5      A5
When it's needed from us in the end?        oh-oh

We watch the days go by
Compete and then we die
So few ever ask why
But so many just abuse the design

  Refrain  x 2

A5 E5  D5 B5  A5 G5  D5  A5  w/ tierces  x 2  !