Bad Religion
Suffer (1988)


D5  C5 D5  Bb5  F5  C5  x 2

     D5         C5        D5      Bb5   F5  C5
I've seen a lot of things in five years
I struggle just to hold back the tears
    D5          C5           Bb5            A5
But everyfuckingwhere I go I see the pathos that I know
     G5             F5     E5    ()
Will spell the termination of us all

D5  C5 D5  Bb5  F5  C5  x 2

Someone's got to tell me, do you see
That everything around you has a hidden tragedy?
Seeds of happiness have never found a place to grow
And our generation doesn't know

D5  C5 D5  Bb5  F5  C5

D5  C5 D5  x 4  \\\

  F5  G5   D5        C5      D5
  Wheeeen, when will you try
     F5             G5              A5 
  To change the logarithmic pace of kissing things goodbye?
  When, when will you know
  That human life is so short, death is oh so slow?

A5  C5 G5 A5    A5  C5 G5  (fin: punchs)

D5  C5 D5  Bb5  F5  C5  x 2

I've tried to make things make sense but I can't
I'm happy just to watch them all and laugh
And if you think you've got it made just revel in your selfish ways
Because when the world stops turning so will you

( instr )  w/ (Aaah) descente

D5  C5 D5!