Bad Religion
White Trash (2nd Generation)
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (1982)

B  E D C  D  x 4  (embarque 3e, basse g a)

B      E D G A G A  B           E D C/G  D/A
Wasted children  -  fixed blank eyes
Blood and sweat - we socialize
Broken homes - from which they come
Beer-stained dad - compliant Mom

  Fear and love, much despised
  D           D    D    D    D
  Replaced by comfortable lies
  Teenage classic, more cliche
  D                       E
  One step further on the edge of decay

    White trash, second generation
    D                        ()C#
    White trash, second generation
    White trash, second generation
    G                  A                         + B
    Don your crown and cleanse the nation

B  E D C/G  D/A  x 2

Are you ready to fight - for your morality?
Right wing allies - white supremacy
Pretty fascist - on the tube
Draped in red - and white and blue

  White trash, second generation
  Stupid foibles, indignation
  Offspring of suburban fright
  Pearl-white creatures of the night


    (solo)  + B

B  E D C/G  D/A  x 2

Stiff blue collar - coat and tie
Brand new breeds - side by side
Christian ethic - right extremes
Shoved down our throat - as the American dream

  Pré-refrain 2

             x 2

B  puis (r)