By Myself
The Age Of Quarrel (1986)

(gueulage, drum)

E5    C5  F5  E5    C5  D#5  w/ (r) & (drum)

E5                                                           C5  F5  (embarque)
Fightin it's such a struggle and I got so far, got so far to go                 
E5                                                                      C5  D#5
Don't want to except no answers but I ain't got nothing, got nothing to show

       E5                          G5         D#5
  It's such a struggle but I gotta do it by myself  x 2
  Can't accept no logic so I gotta do it by myself

Such a lonely path but I can't turn my back, can't turn my back right now
See I got a role to play and I gotta fill it, gotta fill it somehow
I set myself on this path and now, now it's just too late
I'd put it all aside but you see this madness just won't wait


F5    E5    x 4  w/ solo

Talk nice things but I see I'm really, I'm really overflowing with hate 
I'm talkin I'm talkin I'm talkin but I never seem to motivate

  The answers, you say they're outta reach
  But first you gotta learn and then only can you teach
  You say I'm insecure but ain't you scared of death
  Cause everyone's grabbing holding for their final breath

xxE5E5!  x 6
                    x 3