Hard Times
The Age Of Quarrel (1986)

xxxxxxxxx ° x!

E5    F#5 G5 F5!  ' '

Hard times coming your waaaaaay               w/o !
You're gonna have to rise above them someday
Organize your life and figure it out          (P.M.)
Or you'll go under without a doubt

  A5             A#5  
     Hard times,     hard times
  A5                     G#5
  Seems I'm being forced into a mold
  Hard times, hard times
  Forcing me and I'm growing cold

Hard times coming through
But if you're hard it won't get to you
They're gonna try to drag you into the ground
But never surrender, never go down


E5    F#5 G5 F5!  '   '
                  Nooooooooow  fin: w/o !, ..., ' '

E5    F#5 G5 F#5 G5 F5!  F5!