The Doors
Take It As It Comes
The Doors (1967)

Em      G     D       Em
Time to live, time to lie
Time to laugh, time to die           (embarque, fin: <)

  Am      F    E7
  Take it easy baby
  Take it as it comes
  Don't move too fast
  And you want your love to last
  Oh you've been movin' much too fast

Am F E7  x 4  w/ solo  puis  Am  x 2

Time to walk, time to run
Time to aim your arrows, at the sun


Am F E7  x 4  w/ solo

a  c e f  a c e  e b  e d c (a)  x 4  (basse)

Go real slow                          (basse)
You like it more and more 
Take it as it comes
Specialize in havin' fun    <


  Movin' much too fast
  Mo - vin' - much too - fast  (reste)  !