The Interrupters
Take Back The Power
The Interrupters (2014)

    x      x    B
    What's your plan for tomorrow
              E                  B
    Are you a leader or will you follow          x 2  (embarque 2e)
              E                   B
    Are you a fighter or will you cower
             G#m                   F#            w/ (aah)
    It's our time to take back the power

B                                                (P.M.)
Whatcha gonna do
          E                B
When they show up in black suits
        E              B
On your street in army boots
            G#m              F#
And they're there to silence you

Whatcha gonna say
When they strip your rights away
And the taxman makes you pay
For every bead of sweat you bled today

  D#m      E               B
  We don't need to run and hide                  w/ (woh)
  D#m         E                 F#
  We won't be pushed out to the side


B    E  B  E  B  G#m  F#  w/ solo

Who you gonna trust
When the judge is so unjust
And the jury must discuss
Said you don't look like one of us

Where you gonna turn
Now the court has been adjourned
And the lessons that you learned
Are not as many as the bridges burned


    Refrain  x 2

C#    F#  C#  F#  C#  A#m  G#  w/ solo           *module*

  Pré-refrain                                    (en C#)

    Refrain  x 3  (1: creux, 2: rembarque)

             A#m                   G#
    It's our time to take back the power  x 2