Eat The Meek
So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes (1997)

prlrlfl  (fill drum)  x

  Dm  F  Bb  F (C/E)  x 2  reggae lent

  Why must we stay           x 2
  Where we don't belong

Dm                                  Bb
Because there never gonna be enough space
           F               C
So eat the meek, savor the taste
It's always gonna be a delicacy
So lick your chops and eat the meek


Dm                         Bb
The factory mass-producing fear
Bottled, capped, distributed near and far
Sold for a reasonable price
                     C/E           Dm
And the people, they love it, they feed it
Brush with it, bathe with it, breathe it
Inject it direct to the blood
Am                  (Dm)
It seems to be replacing love


Dm                                    Bb                   w/ P.M. sautillant
Because there's always gonna be token truth
          F              C
Forgotten code discarded youth (discarded youth)
You know there's always gonna be pedigree
One own the air one pay to breathe

  Refrain  rock  w/ f  (2e: Dm  F  Gm7  D)  x

  Dm          F                                            (doux)
  Why must we stay
           Bb               !
  Where we don't belong, we don't belong