Animal Boy
Animal Boy (1986)

B5  G5A5E5  x 4

B5         G5A5E5B5          G5A5E5   (embarque) 
Gonna kill       and destroy          
I'm not an animal boy
Why don't they understand 
I'm not an ape man

  E5 B5 E5  D5D5  x 3

Don't have brain damage
I'm not a wild savage
Don't push me around
Don't bring my head down

  E5 B5  E5  D5D5 
  Animal boy       x 3  F#5  F#5
I'm not an imbecile
Don't treat me like an animal
I'm not a creature in the zoo
Don't tell me what to do

  Animal boy  x 3

    B5             G5   A5   F#5      (lent)
    You don't know what it's like
    You don't know how I feel
    I don't have a monkey's brain
    I am not an animal                (reste)

B5  G5A5E5  x 2

You can't lock me in a cage           (embarque)
This ain't the Stone Age
Better get out of my way
Someone's gonna have to pay

  E5 B5  E5  D5D5  F#5 
  Animal boy            x 4

F#5  B5!