Chinese Rock
End Of The Century (1980)

F5 /G5 G5G5  G5G5G5  x 2
                          x 2  (2e: w/ solo)
Bb5/C5 C5C5  C5C5C5  x 2

F5                      G5
Somebody call me on the phone
Say hey hey hey is Arty home?
You wanna take a walk, you wanna go cop
You wanna go get some Chinese Rock

  D     A           G       A
    I'm living on a Chinese Rock
  All my best things are in hock
  I'm living on a Chinese Rock
  Everything is in the pawn shop


The plaster fallin' off the wall
My girlfriend's cryin' in the shower stall
It's hot as a bitch, I should've been rich
But I'm just diggin' a Chinese Ditch


E  G  A  (drum)  x 2

D  A  G  (drum)

intro  w/ Ouu, ahh

2e couplet


  I'm living on a Chinese Rock  x 4

G  A (reste)  x 3

D (reste)

(Dee Dee: plus vite, w/o solo, Arty -> Dee Dee, w/o Ouu ahh, 2e -> 1er)

(Heartbreakers: plus lent, 1, 2, 3, 4, Arty -> Dee Dee)