I Don't Want To Live This Life (Anymore)
Crummy Stuff B-Side (1986)

G  D  E  x 4  E <

Am              Em    Am         Em
Now that you're gone, I feel the pain
My heart trembles, I call your name
I miss your touch, your soft blond hair
I keep searching for an answer, but it just ain't there           <

      G       D       A         E             E
  And I don't want to live this life  x 3  Anymore

Everywhere I turn, the finger points on me
You'll never understand, I'm in misery
Oh baby, without you, I have no one
Oh my sweet darling, what have I done?

  Refrain, all right

G  D  E  x 4  E <

She smiled at me, as I held her carefully
The last words were I love you, thought it set me free
And I can't forget, that look on your face
It looked like an angel, as she died in my prayers

  Refrain  x 3  3e: (reste sur E life)