Learn To Listen
Brain Drain (1989)

  {EEGA  x 3  DC A}  x 2

  You gotta learn to listen, listen to learn
  You gotta learn to listen, before you get burned  x 2

You gotta have fun, not a fix in the arm
You gotta stay out of deep water                    w/ {DE  x 3  G CD}  x 2  A <
Happiness is something you've gotta earn
You gotta fight to make your love into returns


You got the rights and there's always a temptation
This one more screwed up the nation
Gotta have a plan, gotta learn to listen
Gotta take a stab, you have my blessing - alright


  {EEGA  x 3  DC A}  x 2  w/ solo

You gotta take the cotton out of your ears
You gotta start hanging on to all your affairs
I've lived your life for so many years
All I got was self-pity and tears

  Refrain  x 2