Oh Oh I Love Her So
Leave Home (1977)

A  F#  x 2  w/  Ooo oo oo

A            F#
I met her at the Burger King
We fell in love by the soda machine
D              E
So we took the car downtown
The kids were hanging out all around

Then we went down to Coney Island
On the coaster and around again
And no one's gonna ever tear us apart
Cause she's, my sweetheart

    F#        E
All right, oh yeah

  A        D          E
    Oh oh, I love her so
  Oh oh, I love her so    x 2 (fin: A D A A)
  Oh oh, I love her so
  Oh oh

    Hanging out on a night like this  
    I'm gonna give her a great big kiss
    I'm gonna make her mine
    And everything's gonna be real fine


  Refrain  x 1.5  (fin: A D A!)

A7 (reste)