Poison Heart
Mondo Bizarro (1992)

C#m  B  C#m  EEB  C#m  B  A  A  w/ tite mélodie

C#m         E                  (P.M.)
No one ever thought
C#m               E
This one would survive
C#m            E
Helpless child gonna walk
  A           B
A drum beat behind

I lock you in a dream
I never let you go
I never let you laugh
Or smile, not you

       A              B      
  Well I just want to walk
        C#m    B    A
  Right out of this world                  x 2  (2e: w/o Well)
        A         B            C#m
  Cause everybody has a poison heart

C#m  B  C#m  EEB

Making friends with a homeless
Torn up man
He just kind of smiles
It really shakes me up

There's danger on every corner
But I'm okay
Walking down the street 
Trying to forget yesterday


  B          C#m   
    A poison heart   
    A poison heart
  B          A      A
    A poison heart,   yeah

E             A              x 2  w/ clap: xx x
  g# a b a g#   c# d e d c#

You know that life, really
Takes its toll
And a poet's gut reaction 
Is to search his very soul

So much damn confusion
Before my eyes
But nothing seems to phase me
And this one still survives     fin: ! (drum)

  Refrain  x 3/2

  fin: B          C#m
         A poison heart  x 8  1er: B (reste), 3,5,7: EEB

       B          A     A  A  A A B C#m (reste)
         A poison heart