Somebody Like Me
Subterranean Jungle (1983)

A(6)  D E  x 4

A (P.M.)         D             E
Tired of naggin' nothin's ever happenin'
That's the attitude that isn't fun
A bottle of wine, a tube of glue
I don't know what to do

              D       B    
  I am just a guy who likes to rock and roll
  I am just a guy who likes to get drunk
  I am just a guy who likes to dress punk
  A                D          E
  Get my kicks an' live up my life

Tired of complaints, I am ready for fun
But I'll make friends with anyone
Are you out there somebody like me
If you are, I hope that you can see

  Refrain  w/ (I am just a guy), All right

A(6)  D E  x 4  w/ solo

D                        B
Don't go to school don't make me laugh
Can't hardly spell, can't do math
In the bar or out on the street
At the concert, at the boutique         + B

  Refrain  x 4

(fade out)