Shania Twain
Man! I Feel Like A Woman!
Come On Over (1997)

Capo 1re fret (en Bb)

a a  a f# e  a a

- Let's go girls

A5  x 2  w/ Come on

    A5                                     g^
I'm going out tonight, I'm feelin' alright
                      D5 C5 A5 g^
Gonna let it all hang out
Want to make some noise, really raise my voice
Yeah, I want to scream and shout

A5  w/ a a  a f# e  a a  !  a g^

No inhibitions, make no conditions
Get a little outta line
I ain't gonna act politically correct
I only want to have a good time

  The best thing about being a woman
  Is the prerogative to have a little fun and

    O-oh oh oh, go totally crazy, forget I'm a lady
    Men's shirts, short skirts
            C#m                      A           ()
    O-oh oh oh, really go wild yeah, doin' it in style

    O-oh oh oh, get in the action, feel the attraction
    Color my hair, do what I dare
    O-oh oh oh, I want to be free yeah, to feel the way I feel
    Man! I feel like a woman!

A5  w/ pouet pouet  D5

The girls need a break tonight we're gonna take
The chance to get out on the town
We don't need romance, we only want to dance
We're gonna let our hair hang down



G5  D5  A5  x 4  w/ solo

  Pré-refrain  (fin: !)

    Refrain  (extra F#m)

A5    G5  D5  x 4  w/ pouet pouet