"Weird Al" Yankovic
I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
"Weird Al" Yankovic (1983)


D   C G  x 3  (embarque 3e)  D  C  Bb  CCC D!

        D               C     G
I don't care about your karma
        D                 !    F
I don't care about what's hip
   G                   Bb              D  d d# e F7
No space cadet's gonna tell me what to do

        D              C     G
I won't swim in your jacuzzi
          D              F
You can't make me settle down
           G                 Bb
I'd rather kick and jump and bite and scratch
And scream until I'm blue

  G              A
I may as well be hyper
   Bm                A G (r)
As long as I'm still around
'Cause I'll have lots of time to be laid back
         G             D
When I'm six feet underground

  I'll be mellow when I'm dead                 w/ (I'll be mellow when I'm dead)
  I'll be mellow when I'm dead                 x 2
  I'll be mellow when I'm dead

               ! G      D
  When are you   cosmic cowboys
        G                   A!
  Gonna get it through your heads?

    I'll be mellow when I'm dead
                   A        G
    I'll be mellow when I'm dead
            A               D
    I'll be mellow when I'm dead

fin : D  C  Bb  CCC D!

I can't stand the smell of incense
I don't really like to jog
No Joni Mitchell 8-tracks in my car (ooh)

I hate anything organic
Even health food makes me sick
You won't catch me sipping Perrier
Down in some sushi bar, I tell you

Now's the time to go for all
The gusto you can grab
You'll have plenty of time to be low-key
When you're laid out on the slab


    Post-refrain  x 2  aouw

D  C G  x 3  D  w/ solo  !

I don't want no part of that vegetarian scene
I won't buy me a pair of designer jeans
   A7     G#/A     A7
No redwood hot tub to my name
      D                           D7
I got all that I want and if it's all the same to you
I don't need a course in self-awareness
   F#7            Bm!
To find out who I am
And I'd rather have a, a Big Mac or a Jumbo Jack
             A                 D
Than all the bean sprouts in Japan - waow

D   C G  x 3  (embarque 3e)  D  C  Bb  CCC D!

So don't ask me what I'm into
I don't need to prove I'm cool
I'll break your arm if you ask me what's my sign

I won't tell you where my head's at
I don't need to see no shrink
Psychosis may be in this year
But I'm really not that kind

And I'm in no hurry to be casual
In fact, I think, I'll wait
Until I'm pushing up the daisies                 !
- Like wow, man, can you relate?

    Post-refrain  x 4