Bad Religion
Part II (The Numbers Game)
Suffer (1988)


E*  x 10  w/ count  G  D                                        E* := EE D

It's superficial progress
     C           D      E*
They call it liberation

With opiates of silicon
Big Brother schemes to rule the nation

            C            D
  We're one nation under God
  We stand above the rest
       C               G
  With mighty-high technology
  We're never second-best
      C            D       E*
  Our specialty is infiltration

  Prepare yourselves for subjugation
  Victory through domination

E*  x 6  w/ count  G  D

The trepidatious throngs all fear
The big eye in the sky
The government observes them
With their own electric eye

  Refrain  (w/o dernière phrase)

Automatons, illiterates                                         *en F#*
And indigents of every shape and size
Don't stop but aid this cruel crusade
Participate in their own demise

  Refrain  fin: So pack your bags you third-world nation

F#*  x 3  F#!