Green Day
Look Ma, No Brains!
'Saviors' (2024)

d (fade in)

D5D5D5A5 (P.M.)
         Don't know much about history
'Cause I never learned how to read
Drop out, I'm a knucklehead
Sick boy and I shit the bed

  eG5eE5              D5              A5
         Maybe I'm in love with a deviant
  Maybe I got terminal vertigo

Slam danced on my face again
Nonsense is my heroin
Rude boy going comatose
Drop out and I'm adios

  Pré-refrain (ooh)

  I defy the science of the missing link
                                    G5 (P.M.) < E5 \
  Oh God, I think I'm gonna lose my skull

           A5               E5     D5
    I said look ma, I ain't got no brains
    I'm a goner and I don't feel no pain
    I'm with stupid and I'm all by myself
    'Cause I'm special and I don't need your help  \

         A♯5            G5              D5
Well I'm gone gone gone    and I'm far away (don't panic, don't panic)
Well I lost my head and I'm here to say (don't go, don't go)
Oh mama mama mama ma, I'm all grown up (don't panic, don't panic)
                                 E5                   \
Well it's too late now for my suicide-ide-ide-ide-ide